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Rewards at the Speed of Now
January 20, 2022

Rewards at the Speed of Now

Taking advantage of digital connections means easy uplift in consumer loyalty and engagement. In one great example, Navy Exchange digital rewards increased user adaptation of total reward customers by approximately 30% in just 3 months. A simple marketing campaign allowed shoppers to easily sign up and receive rewards that were instant.

Private label credit card rewards distributed via e-card are also proven to drive sales. On average shoppers spend more when redeeming an e-card than when making regular or planned purchases. Adding to the convenience, companies like TJ Maxx provide rewards balances when shoppers access their credit card account.

The “we know you shop here, and we want to reward you for it” approach works, and the convenience of real-time benefits, digital gift card rewards, and ease of use puts customers first. Imagine what digital rewards and engagement can do for your gift card program.