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of people prefer receiving gift cards over any other gift item

Grid of gift cards showing Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Home Chef, Cabela’s, Regal Cinemas, Google Play, American Eagle, TJX Companies, Bass Pro Shops, Princes Cruises and The Container Store.
Close-up on a female manager’s hand rewarding a male employee with an individual gift card incentive.

Gift cards are more popular than ever, especially when received as an individual incentive.

Gift cards are more popular than ever, especially when received as individual incentives. Use them as part of your company's employee reward and recognition program, and your people will be delighted. These days, individual delivery can reach remote workers, while bulk delivery is still ideal for in-person distribution.

Our B2B bulk gift cards are available in plastic and digital formats: both are easy to use online or in-store. Access our portfolio of gift cards from hundreds of popular retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more - and treat your best performers to a memorable experience.

Close-up on a woman’s left hand holding a smartphone. Her mobile wallet shows that she just added the Mastercard Prepaid Card in her right hand.

Mastercard® and Visa® Prepaid Cards are also powerful employee incentives. Why?

Because they can be used anywhere the networks' debit cards are accepted. By offering spending flexibility, you can rest assured that your recipients will enjoy this reward.

Available in plastic, virtual, and mobile wallet–enabled formats, our Mastercard and Visa Prepaid Cards also let you personalize the card and carrier. Adding this extra touch makes each reward more meaningful—and memorable.

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$221 Billion

in B2C and B2B gift card sales expected by 2024

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Sell your bulk gift cards through our B2B distribution channels, and earn your full share of the growing gift card market.

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