Promotional Cards

(Dynamic Promotions)

Need to increase store traffic, drive incremental sales or boost the frequency of customer visits to your store or website? Increase your sales with up to five times the profitability of coupons using prepaid promotional cards from SVS. Our Promotional Cards are helping our retail partners create measurable sales results. To date, promotional cards have created almost $1 billion in increased sales. SVS can design merchant or manufacturer promotional cards that do just that – and yield far greater profits than traditional coupons.

How Dynamic Promotions Work

A promotional card is a corporate funded prepaid card (or account number) that lets you set controls to drive consumers toward specific brands, stores, or days of the week to maximize sales profitability.

For example:

Customer Incentives

Prevalued cards with a defined expiration date. Great for driving initial or return purchases from targeted consumers.

Customer Rewards

Prevalued cards with a defined redemption period that require a qualifying spending amount or product purchase. Great for boosting incremental sales.

Mystery Card

Cards with undisclosed value, which require a qualifying spending amount or product purchase. Great for driving customer traffic to your store or site.


Benefits of Dynamic Promotions

Superior Performance

The average redemption rate for SVS's promotional cards is 32%, compared to an average of 1% to 7% for paper coupons.


With SVS's proprietary technology, you can set the time frame the cards can be used, the valid locations, the specific products or brands, or the purchase threshold that allows the activation or redemption of the card. You can even keep the amount of the card undisclosed until the card is redeemed.

Ease of Administration

Track usage and effectiveness of your rewards program with SVS's industry-leading reporting.


Why Choose SVS?

SVS is a prepaid industry leader with almost 20 years of experience. We are a full-service provider managing all aspects of prepaid programs. Each year we drive billions of dollars in increased sales for our clients. We have the knowledge and expertise to build a customized program for your business too. Ready to get started?

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