It's More Than Just a Card

Stored value products change the way you do business by driving the people you reach to change their behaviors. This change in behavior leads to additional sales and efficiencies for your business. At SVS, the transactional and consultative expertise we developed over the past two decades has enabled us to create a wide range of applications for our clients. Here are just a few examples:

Gift Cards

By far the best recognized application, gift cards can be specific to a retailer or universally used where Visa or MasterCard is accepted. These cards are the most desired gift for any occasion.

Consumer Rebates

Avoid discounting services to all customers by offering rebates to those who are price-sensitive. Offer rewards to high-value customers who reach certain purchase amounts.

Sales Incentives

Improve sales by offering incentives to employees or business partners who achieve specific sales goals or sell targeted products.

Health and Wellness

Reduce health costs and improve productivity by encouraging or rewarding participation in wellness programs.


Increase sales and improve store or site traffic with promotional cards that encourage the immediate purchase of goods or services.

Bill Pay Cards

Avoid the expense of discontinuing services by allowing your customers to pre-load funds at their convenience to a card that is automatically debited when payment is due.

Merchandise Return Cards

Reduce fraud and drive additional sales by issuing these cards for returned merchandise.

Product-Specific Cards (SKU)

Improve margins on promotions and ensure you are getting the maximum return on your investment


Why Choose SVS?

SVS is a prepaid industry leader with almost 20 years of experience. We are a full-service provider managing all aspects of prepaid programs. Each year we drive billions of dollars in increased sales for our clients. We have the knowledge and expertise to build a customized program for your business too. Ready to get started?

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