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Breakout Prepaid Pioneer, Ceridian Stored Value Solutions (SVS), Offers Multiple Fulfillment Solutions to Optimize Program Management

Louisville, KY — March 6, 2012 — With twenty years of dedicated prepaid experience, SVS is a pioneer and leading global provider, increasing revenue each year for our clients around the world. What you may not know is that SVS provides a broad spectrum of superior card fulfillment services to optimize retailer gift card sales.

The SVS proprietary Card Inventory Management System (CIMS) enables automatic, direct-to-store gift card replenishment by tracking card inventory at the store level and initiating orders when card levels reach a client specified minimum threshold. The CIMS platform can also support manual card orders for those occasions when short-notice gift card needs arise, such as peak holiday seasons and during client promotions. SVS' CIMS platform is available to both U.S. and international clients.

In addition to low-maintenance card inventory management, SVS provides hosted B2C & B2B websites enabling card fulfillment in both plastic and digital formats. The SVS websites are integrated with warehouse software creating a worry-free, seamless fulfillment process for clients around the world. Plastic gift cards can be fulfilled individually for consumer orders, or in bulk for business-to-business or corporate orders.

To satisfy increasing demands for digital cards, SVS delivers merchant gift cards direct to the consumer via email or mobile device. SVS facilitates the delivery of email cards on behalf of its clients with services to display card art, barcodes, and links to retailer e-commerce sites. SVS also facilitates the delivery of digital cards via SMS messaging with links to a hosted mobile-optimized website for further fulfillment services.

If these superior prepaid applications aren't enough to pique your interest, SVS also offers print-on-demand functionality for both consumer and bulk card orders. This service allows clients to upload and store images to be surface printed on gift cards for a custom effect.

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With nearly two decades of experience, SVS is a pioneer and leading prepaid provider, managing successful programs for top brands around the world. As a dedicated prepaid innovator, SVS manages over five hundred million card products and processes over one billion transactions originating from 45 countries and in 26 currencies worldwide every year. To learn more about increasing your bottom line with the most effective prepaid solutions on the market, visit us at:

Press Releases

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